Rising Stars TV Sitcom 2012
Photo Gallery

Campers in Rising Stars cheer on their fellow actors during comedy improvs.

Rising Stars campers rehearse their live sitcom show in YAS’ Studio B Soundstage.

Victor, Courtney, Emily, and Chanel have mixed feelings about an interesting clay statue.

Cait (left) and Emily (right) try to persuade Margot (center) with a bag of cookies.

Kate and Ashley film their short film production in the Rising Stars Camp.

Actors study the sitcom script before rehearsals begin.

Sydney, Isabella, and Shreya work out blocking for their scenes in “Time with the Tylers”.


Sydney is pensive as she shoots her student short film drama.

Emma Joe (Natasha) surprises Brett (Carter) as Lori (Braylee) tries to hold back from laughing.

Cait (middle) unexpectedly becomes the center of attention in "Meet the Morrisons".

Makenzee performs a commercial in her Rising Stars Camp.

Riley and Cooper study their lines on set of their short film production.



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