We are constantly adding and expanding our innovative Community Outreach
 Programs.  Check back regularly to see what YASPAC offers.

 To reach a greater audience, the Young Actors Studio & Performing Arts Center (YASPAC)
 offers the following programs:

  LIVE Performances
> performances at the Young Actors Studio & Performing Arts Center theater.
    > Also, VIDEO-TAPED performances available to local schools.

   YASPAC traveling Improvisation Performing Troupe
> promoting the dramatic arts by performing at events and in local schools.

   Special Needs Children Program
    > providing Children with Autism and ADD with social skills education
       through the dramatic arts (role playing, live performances, workshops,
       classes). Based upon current research, these children learn appropriate
       social skills through visual modeling and imitation.
    > providing tools to local school teachers that assist them in working with
       Special Needs Children such as educational videos that are made available.

   Drug Awareness
    > providing live and videotaped performances about the consequences of drug
       and alcohol abuse. Also available to the community for educational purposes.

   Educational Workshops, Classes, Guest Speakers
    > promoting the dramatic arts.

   Mentorship and Internships
    > providing school-age youth with hands-on experience in the dramatic arts.

   Volunteer Opportunities
    > participation in the dramatic arts through volunteering in various activities.

   For information on booking and reservations on any of the above services
   that Young Actors Studio & Performing Arts Center offers to the community,
   please contact the Director of Community Events, Linda Seto at (972) 401-2090.

   The Dallas Television & Film Workshop dba Young Actors Studio & Performing Arts
   Center is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 dramatic arts organization for children.